Phil-Donkin I’ve been fortunate to perform and record many times with George Hart. It’s always been a humbling experience to observe his absolute dedication to his instrument, and to the music he is playing.  This is a rare quality indeed, which all musicians working with him must feel the benefit from. Without a doubt, he is a World-Class musician and consummate professional.

 Phil Donkin


JodyGeorge Hart is the kind of drummer that can write and compose beautiful songs, read notes, improvise and play beautiful piano. He has taste, imagination and discipline and is generally brilliant to have around in any situation from a little group to a big huge one on gigs and in the studio!

Jody Linscott


ChrisLaurenceI love to play with George! He is multi-faceted in every respect of the drummer’s art. He is an all round musician, giving inspiration and security to all who experience his wonderful playing. I look forward to performing with him in the future, and can only recommend you do the same!

Chris Laurence


Gwilym-SimcockGeorge is a massively talented and dedicated musician. It has always been a great pleasure to play with him, as he not only brings a vast amount of musicality and individuality to every project he is involved in, but he’s also an absolutely great guy to work with! Those two things, along with the incredible standard of his drumming technique, make him a hugely important musician right across a whole variety of genres.

Gwilym Simcock


martinI have derived great pleasure over the years watching and listening to George play and I am always completely amazed and impressed by his integrity and total depth of commitment to the music. He possesses a wonderful sound, touch and feel for the instrument and as with all great players, it’s not what he plays, but how he plays it and the intention behind it that is truly something special.

Martin France