Sapporo Drum Solo

This is my drum solo from a Swing Out Sister show at Sapporo Jazz Festival in Aug 2014 during the “No Surrender” tour of Japan!

Forever Distant

This is a piece called Forever Distant  that I wrote a while back.  It seems to be a popular one so I thought I’d put it up here.

Sir Duke

This is a silly arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke that I did in 2001 for the fantastic french-horn player, Dave Lee.

Featuring: Dave Lee – french-horn • Derek Watkins – trumpet • Andy Mackintosh – saxophone • Paul Hart – rhodes, synth-bass. • Tommy Blaize – vocals • Mitch Dalton – guitar • George Hart – drums


This is a piece of mine entitled Shadows from Brigitte Beraha’s album Flying Dreams, featuring:

Featuring: Brigitte Beraha – vocals/lyrics • Ivo Neame – piano • Phil Donkin – bass • Joe Aukland – flugel-horn • George Hart – drums/bells

Groove Growing / Pentonic

I used to be in Esben Tjalve’s group Red Kite.  Here are a couple of Esben’s compositions we recorded when I was in the band.

Featuring:  Esben Tjalve – piano • Jasper Høiby – bass • Christoffer Appel – saxophone • Chris Webster – trombone • George Hart – drums

Neame Groove / Red Route

Here are two tracks from a bygone group called Oboto.
1. Neame Groove – Ivo Neame / 2. Red Route – Jon Cox

The band features: Ivo Neame – keyboards • Jon Cox – bass • Joe Aukland – trumpet • Hugh Wilkinson – percussion • George Hart – drums